Regal Industrial was founded in 1974 by my father, Paul Sasko. The company was formed to provide abrasive blasting and coating services to a large Donora based manufacturer of industrial equipment. My dad relied on the small labor force comprised of 3 of my older brothers, Paul, David and Jeff. My father, at 52, passed away in 1981 and left the young struggling company to Paul and David, as Jeff left to pursue his own endeavors. Paul and David, barely out of high school, with the help of our mother, Rita, confronted the task of operating the family business head on..

Regal Through the Years

Through hard work and determination, they found success taking the company toward the industrial coatings field services market, concentrating on municipal water tanks and water/wastewater treatment plants. It was in this space, that they started to develop a solid customer base and a good reputation in the industry. They were both hands on, self-taught and succeeded from the fear of failure. It was a classic feel good story of making something out of nothing.

Fast forward to 1992. I graduated college and came to the office frequently to create resumes and search for employment. I did not initially consider working for the family business. However, slowly but surely, I became curious of the daily activities and saw the potential long-term rewards of joining them. It was July of 1992 that I became an official full time employee.

Together, the three of us had big dreams. We would quote work and call on potential customers during the work day then often blast and paint in the evening to keep the schedule on the projects we were working on. For years we worked 12 – 14 hours per day. I often thought of my brothers; how could two people work so hard and so long as I admired their work ethic. I believe this experience is what gave me my drive, determination and entrepreneurial passion to succeed.

In 1994, we took a huge leap and purchased a large building and property in Donora, PA to further expand, advance and offer our services to the manufacturing industry. We currently occupy this space today. Over the years we experienced many years of growth and success. We also survived through several hardships and bad economies. My brother David retired from Regal in 2015 and my brother Paul tragically passed away in 2016. I credit them for teaching me , through example, that hard work and persistence can overcome any obstacle and survive though the difficulties life presents.

Although their leadership and presence seemed impossible to replace, Regal has developed from within and currently has a strong ownership and management structure. Currently myself, Matt Sasko (Paul’s son) and longtime loyal employee, Kinsley Newton , are the owners of Regal Industrial. We continue to move the company forward and strive for growth and success by surrounding ourselves with a competent and hardworking management team and workforce. We currently have two shop locations in Donora and Allentown PA with others in development, while still offering onsite services throughout the United States.

It is our goal is to be the best shop and field applicator of industrial coatings and metallizing installations.


Jim Sasko
Regal Industrial Corporation