Regal Industrial Corporation has been a leading metallizing applicator since 2000. Shop and field installations of zinc, 85/15 and aluminum wire applications to bridges, marine and industrial structures would be considered our “wheelhouse”. We offer twin arc electric metallizing applications using Thermion Precision Arc metallizing machines with 3/16 and 1/8” wire diameters. Regal Industrial is one of only a few companies in the world that possesses an SSPC-QP6 metallizing certification. We obtained this certification over 15 years ago and have consistently passed annual quality audits without an interruption of certification.

Metallizing has been growing in popularity within the public infrastructure sector. Projects completed decades ago are being studied and used as case studies to validate the anticipated extended service life. The Federal Highway administration is also promoting metallizing as the corrosion protection system in association with the 100 year service life of new steel bridges.

Regal Industrial is a leader in the metallizing industry and aims to get stronger by making the process more efficient and available. We offer metallizing applications at our shop facilities, on jobsites for recoating permanent structures and at the fabricator’s facility for items to large and costly to ship.

Below are the current services we provide in association with our metallizingoperation:

Shop Services:

– Off loading and reloading.

– Storage of completed projects.

– Edge grinding

– Abrasive blasting

– Metallizing installation of Zinc, 85/15 and Aluminum for corrosion protection, Aluminum Oxide for non-skid applications and Bronze, Brass, and Pewter for decorative installations. Hard and cored wires for specialty applications.

– Liquid sealers

– Sealers and colored polyurethanes for aesthetics

– Assembly of splice plates, secondary members and bolt torqueing.

Field Services:

Regal Industrial Corporation offers field metallizing of permanent structures and complete turnkey and self-sufficient operations at the fabricators facility. Process includes:

– Total containment encompassing the member or object being metallized.

– Dust collection

– Portable electric or diesel driven air compressors.

– Portable abrasive blast equipment with integrated grit collection, cleaning and storage.

– Liquid sealer and coatings application.

– Portable generators.

– Full quality control with documentation and reporting

– Complete isolation and self-sufficiency from other trades or operations.