Regal Industrial Corporation sustains a capable and competent Quality Control (QC) department. We encourage all QC team members to participate in the NACE programs, and advance their certification as their experience grows. All Quality Control team members are proficient in the vital QC functions including but not limited to: pre-blast inspection, blast cleanliness, surface profile readings, paint batch recordings, mixing ratios, tip selection, performing a pre-paint application assessment and instructing painters, visual paint inspection, WFT readings, DFT readings, recognizing touchup and instructing repairs, between coat inspections, reading and comprehending product data sheets, taking environmental readings, calculating dew points, performing adhesion and pull tests, creating job reference standards and developing job specific quality procedures.

Regal Industrial also maintains an SSPC-QP3 and SSPC-QP6 company certification. In addition, Regal Industrial will also obtain SSPC-QP1 certification as of the fourth quarter of 2020. These certifications require extensive record keeping and strict criteria adherence. Our quality control department have been retaining our certifications above minimum acceptance standards, and valid without interruption for multiple consecutive decades.