Regal Industrial has been a job shop coating applicator since 1974.  During that time, we have gained a vast range of experience applying coating systems and types, from major coating manufactures to smaller specialty suppliers. We have extensive experience in traditional high-performance coatings to industry and service specific coating types. As coating technologies have advanced over time, Regal Industrial has been constantly adapting, and at the forefront of coating application equipment and advancements.

Below are examples of the numerous coating types that we have application experience with:

Thin Film Liquid Coatings:

– Organic and inorganic zinc primers.

– Polyamide, amine and high-performance epoxies

– Acrylic, aliphatic and polyester thin film polyurethanes

– Coal Tar epoxies for underground or below grade applications.

– Temperature resistant coatings for hi heat and under insulation.

– Hi bake and force cure phenolic epoxies.

Thick Film Liquid Coatings:

– Abrasion resistant Polyurethanes and Polyurea

– Liquid alternatives to Fusion Bonded Epoxies. Below grade and underground service.

– Ceramic and aggregate filled epoxies for abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high temperature liquid processing.

Trowel Applied Coatings:

– Aggregate filled liquid coatings

– Non-skid coatings


– Epoxy and Acrylic intumescent fireproofing


– 99.9% zinc wire

– 85/15 zinc/aluminum wire

– 1150 and 1350 aluminum wire

– Bronze, copper and pewter for decorative applications.