Regal Industrial Corporation completes each step listed below on every project to assure the utmost quality, and often, these last few stepsare the most important. Our Teams will confirm that products leaving our facility are completed as specified, protected from shipping damage and ready for installation. A series of steps are taken to guarantee that our customers are satisfied each and every time we provide service.

  • Quality Control – Our full-time staff of quality control inspectors closely evaluates each product to ensure all aspects of the specification are met. Quality reports are prepared and reviewed and the findings are reported to both the production manager and the project manager prior to releasing for shipment.
  • Welding – We perform in house finish welding to fabricated items saving our customers valuable floor space and money in their own facilities. Seams, end caps, piling joints, are among the many items that we have processed at our facility to ensure timely completion of their project.

  • Cutting & Burning – Cutting and burning services can also be performed at our facility. Raw structural steel, pipe piling and sheet piling are just a few of the items that can be cut or burned to size, segregated and sequenced as required.
  • Assembly – We can perform finish assembly on a multitude of items both before and after paint application. Our experienced workers have assembled countless beam connection plates, shaft canisters, large scale motor assemblies and more.
  • Packaging – The final step of processing is as vital to the final appearance of a product as the first. Packaging is performed with great care and involves the use of foam, cardboard, banding, wood cribbing, carpeting, corner protection, zip ties and other items. All items are prepackaged with protection while in the shop and completed during the loading onto outgoing trailers ensuring there is no steel to steel contact.
  • Storage – Regal has over ten (10) acres of land available to store products if a shipment date is not immediate. Cribbing and protection will typically be included in storage.

In combination, these precautionary and value-added steps will allow us to provide you with 100% satisfaction to your Regal Industrial project experience. You can trust & rely on Regal Industrial to complete your project in a timely and efficient manner. Direct message us or call at 724-379-6440 to discuss with one of our management team