Regal Industrial Corporation is a proud provider of coatings and lining services to the refinery, natural gas& power generation facilities, as well as the pipe & water systems manufacturers throughout North America.Regal Industrial has performed successfully in this industry for decades and would be delighted to work side by side with your qualified engineering team to recommend a system to meet your specific needs.

Regal Industrial is certified to apply a majority of all the manufacturers coating and lining systems to both the interior and exterior of piping. This includes both newly fabricated piping and existing piping systems. Our thorough inspection services to include low and high voltage pinhole (holiday) detection for pipe interiors, as well as paint thickness and adhesion testing. Abrasion resistant and chemical resistant systems can also be utilized based on the intended use of the pipe.

Regal provides full-service shop and on-site services to meet your specific needs. Contact us for additional information and quote.

Above Ground Piping Systems and Pipe Linings

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Aesthetics

Underground Pipe

  • Erosion Linings
  • Abrasion Resistant